Plane Ride

If it’s not much trouble, could someone give me a shoutout?

I walk onto the plane and sit down next to Dylan.

She’s holding a bowl of popcorn and I take a handful.

“It’s full of butter,” she said, taking a sip of her diet coke.

“I don’t care,” I say, chewing.

Dylan just put on her headphones, Alicia is painting Claire’s nails, and Kristen’s putting her hair up in a high ponytail.

We’re going to the Bahamas for a week.

Something already feels uncomfortable about it to me.

I woke up this morning completely drained.

I walk into the bathroom, not feeling right.

Right after I close the door I throw up into the toilet.

I immediatly start feeling a pain in my stomach.

I look down at my jeans and notice a red spot.

“Ehmagawd,” I whisper, taking them off.

Massiekur: Kris, SoS! in the bathroom!

I hear a knock on the door and let Kristen in.

“What’s wrong Mass?” she asks, noticing my jeans on the floor. “Ehmagawd.”

“I know, help me,” I say.

“Ok, I’ll be right back with protection and some clothes.”

I put on a pad and slip into a pair of purple shorts. I’m so luck Kris is always prepared.

I walk back to my seat feeling uncomfortable.  I’m the first.

“What’s wrong Massie?” Alicia asks in a soft voice.

“It’s nothing,” I say, looking out the window.

I quietly sleep for the rest of the trip.



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