Back In WC

I lay on my bed, happy to be home.

To me, the Bahamas were hell.

I had cramps and headaches all week.

It’s over and I can finnally relax.  It ended last night.

Bean and Boo both come up and lay next to me.

I plug my iPad 3 in and turn on “We Are Shooting Stars” by Ronan Parkes.

Logging onto my AIM, I instantly start feeling better.

RyRyHunt: Hey, ur bak?

MMassiekurB: Yup. Miss me?

RyRyHunt: I always do 😉

MMassiekurB: Aww

RyRyHunt: Massie…

MMassiekurB: yea?

RyRyHunt: I was wondering if u’d want to get Starbucks at the school cafe sometime…

MMassiekurB: Luh-v to.  Monday after school. Meet me at my locker.

RyRyHunt: Awesome. 17?

MMassiekurB: yup. See you then

MMassiekurB is Offline

So excited.  Gonna go pick out my outfit.



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