You’re The One That I Want

I stand in the mirror staring at my outfit.

It’s nearly perfect; something’s missing though.

Into my walk-in closet I go.

I walk out wearing my fave leather jacket.

Bean and Boo both bark their approval.

I log onto AIM and have a video chat with the PC.

“Ahmazing outffit Mass,” Leesh says, decked out in her usual Ralph Lauren.

“10!” Exclaim Dyl, Kris, and Kuh-laire, “Apple C!” They start giggling.

“Thanks girls, DJ and I plan to have a video chat and I want to have a perf outfit.”

I blow a kiss and end the chat on my iPan Mini.

DJ Capon Calling: Answer?

“Wow, Massie, you look better everytime I see you!”

I blush.  “Thanks DJ.”

“So what’s up?”

“Just finished watching Grease at Kuh-laire’s house,” I say, nawt mentioning that I took so long after to get ready for this “date” (as Todd said).

“I love that movie! I watched it last night with my sister Dani,” DJ says, smiling.

“My favorite Grease song is ‘You’re The One That I Want’ and ‘Summer Nights’.  What about you?” I ask him, fastening my hair into a messy bun with a clip.

“Haha, same.”

I giggle. We talk for what seems like forever.  About random stuff mostly.

“Massie, time for dinner,” says my mother’s voice on the white intercom by my bed.

“Kay mom,” I say into the intercom.

“Have to go DJ, bye,” I say giving him a small wink.

“Bye Mass,” he replies, returning the wink.

I place my iPad mini on my desk, feed Bean and Boo, and wash up for dinner.

Inez make spaghetti.

After eating I go up into my white and purple room.  My phone keeps making a *ding* noise.  27 Messages.  All from Ryan.

Massie: L.E.A.V.E.ME.ALONE!

I hit send.

Five seconds later I get a call on FaceTime from him.

“Massie, I made a mistake, forgive me, please!” he pleads with puupy eyes.

“Ryan, leave me alone, I’ve moved awn!”

Call Ended

Theme Song(s) for Sunday

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift)

You’re The One That I Want (Grease)

Bang Bang Bang (Selena Gomez & The Scene)


Catching Feelings (Justin Bieber)

Hipster Day at WP tomorrow.



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