It Feels Like A Perfect Night To Dress Up Like Hipsters, and Make Fun of Our Exes

Leesh earned 100 Gossip Points today!

She gives gossip to The WP Newspaper.  But of course, she gives us the best gossip first.

She revealed who that Beaver girl was.

There was a reason she was wearing Beaver’s colors, but I didn’t recognize her from the game; she’s their mascot!

Ryan made out with a girl who spends her time wearing a sweaty Beaver head!

As you may have noticed, my title is from Taylor Swift’s song “22”.

I’m Luh-ving that song right now.  It seemed like a good title for this post.

Being today is Hipster Day at WP.

Landon: Am I the last 2 know that you came bak from UK?

Massie: I dunno, are U?

Landon: …

Todd walks into my room.

“Um how’d you get here and why are you in my room?”

“I wanna talk,” he mumbles.


“A problem…”

I sigh. “Don’t you have parents and a sister for that?”

“I don’t want to let them know I like a girl.”

“Finally like a girl that isn’t me?”

“Yeah.  She goes to OCD now.  I met her at the dance last week.”

“And she danced…with you?”

“Yeah.  How do I ask her out?”

“Nike,” I say flatly.


“Just. Do. It.”


“Shh.  I have to get ready for school.  Today was Hipster Day, tomorrow is Preppy Day.  Skirts and button-ups.  Lame, I know. Leave,” I say, pushing him out the door.

I take a cute x10 picture of me wearing my Hipster Outfit in the mirror and send it to DJ.

DJ: HaHa, cute!

Massie: thanks.  Prep day tomorrow.  It’ll be like dressing in a uniform! X.x

DJ: You can make ANYTHING look amazing

Massie: Aww. Thanks.  G2G XoXo

I take my iPad Mini out of my Chanel bag and snap a pic of myself.

I look at it.  “Eh-Ma-Gawd,” I mutter, looking in the background.

Ryan’s face is in the window.

I look behind my back…he’s gone.

Message to PC

EMG! Ryan outside my window.  Effing freaked out!

What do I do?!?

*photo attached*

Message Sent



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