Creeper Alert x10

Smoothing out my purple Batman shirt, the PC gets ready for a video chat with DJ.

He’s already met them (Volleyball Tournament) and thinks they’re nice.

Like, WP’s outfit theme today, the Pretty Committee is dressing up in Superhero themed Pajamas.

I dressed in Batman, it’s DJ’s fave (he has four different Batman shirts!)

I glide Nutella Glossip Girl (latest flavour) onto my lips.  I luh-v the way it shines, smells, and looks!

We make sure everything’s in place and walk over to the bench with my MacBook Air on it.  “Claire,music,” I say, within five seconds, “Beautiful” by Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Justin Bieber is quietly playing in the background, the first song in a love song playlist I had Kristen make after school while we were in the range rover, going to the Westchester to find perf PJ’s.

Bean and Boo are snuggled up on a pile of cashmere blankets Inez brought up ten minutes ago.  Boo suddenly gets up, walks to a wall, and starts barking ferociously.

“Bugaboo, what’s wrong?” I ask, walking over to her, “nothing’s there girl.”

I scoop her up and place her back on the blanket pile.  She hesitates for a moment, but eventually lies back down and falls back into deep slumber.

I place a finger over my mouth to indicate everyone be quiet.

Massie: ?’s Todd?

Claire: Florida, gammie and grandpa for a  week. Y?

Massie: then who was outside??? Leesh, C, and I will gor around front.  Dyl and Kris, u guys go around back.

I see nothing when I’m at the side of the Gym/Spa, I hear Dylan scream.

“Dyl?” I exclaim, running to the back, Claire beside me and Alicia trailing behind us, attempting to catch up.

We get there and see Kristen pinning a guy to the ground.

“RYAN?!? What the hell are you doing here?” I yell, eyes squinted.

“Massie, I’m not resting until we’re together again!” he replies, struggling to get up.

“I told you to stay out of my life,” I say coldly.


Steer Cuh-lear of Ryan Hunter. LBR+Creep x10.

Forward to all you can



I call one of the seccurity working the gates that Ryan somehow climbed over.  He shows up and takes Ryan away.

“What do you think he was doing?” Dylan asks, eating popcorn once we’re back in GLU Headquarters.

“It’s nawt important, he’s dead to me.  End of story,” I say, logging onto AIM.

We set up the video chat with DJ.  He remarked my Batman PJ’s as being cute and says I looked “brill” in my Batman outfit, which I texted him a photo of.

Before getting off, he sang me Justin Bieber’s song “Boyfriend.”

We log off and the PC bursts into giggles.

“Ehmagawd Mass, he’s so sweet!” Dylan says, sipping her Dr.Juice.

“And SUCH a good singer,” Alicia gushes.

“And a good taste in cats,” Kristen exclaims.

We stare at her, Claire speaks up,”What?” she asks Kristen.

“He has a white persian…like my Beckham..” her voice trails off.

We play a few rounds of WYR, and dance-sing along to a few songs, ending on Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink.

Exhausted, we watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars then fall asleep.

G’night Loves




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