It Started With A Whisper

Sitting at my perfectly white desk, in one hand, a cup of tea, and typing with m other, my french manicured nails tapping on the keyboard.

Beean is over at Landon’s while Boo is here with me.  He claimed Bark missed Bean, but I think it’s just an excuse to see me.

It’s true, during the two months I spent in England, I thought about Landon once and a while.  Most of my thoughts were about James, The PC, and my friends at KISS.

Once I had moved back, Landon was the farthest thing from my mind.

Dylan and Derrington had broken up, Cam and Claire were still going strong, as were Alicia and Josh.  Kristen’s mom had taken her out of the Soccer Sisters for an unknown reason; Boys were in the back of my mind.  I knew they were still there, I just didn’t think they were important at the time.

Then on the first day of school.  I boy I’d never met, introduced himself.

Ryan Hunter.

At first, a sweet, athletic 14 year-old.  Suddenly a stalking cheater.

A *ding* noise comes from my computer, bringing me back from my thoughts.

An e-mail…from James.

What is this, Scott Pilgrim? I think, annoyed by all my exes suddenly showing up.


I know we’ve had differences in the past, but I’m willing to look past that for you.  Remember when I gave you that ride in a trolly on your first day in London because you were too tired to walk.  It was one of my favorite days.

Hope to hear from you soon, James


I really can’t right now, I’m with a new guy. 



I finnish my tea and bundle up.  Slipping a Bark Jacobs coat on Boo, we head out the door to walk to Landon’s.

His mother open the door and invites me in.  She tells me he’s upstairs.

In his room, he’s getting Bean ready to go.

Bean and Bark kiss each other goodbye.

Landon comes up to me and before I know it, he plants a kiss on my Whip Cream Glossip Girl lips.

I push him away.

I grab the leashes and run all the way home.

Back at the estate, in my bathroom, I blast the hot water, strip down, and hot tears burst down my cheeks in the shower.  Partly from  the burning water, partly from how Landon would kiss me like that when I had already told him I was seeing someone else.

Yet at the same time, it felt right.

Once out, I slid on my fluffy white robe and enter my room.  A message from Landon is on my phone.

I’m sorry Massie.  I was out of line.


I turn my phone off and throw it across the room.  Bean picks it up and brings it back to me.

“No Bean, I don’t want it right now,” I tell her, burying my face in my pillow.

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2 thoughts on “It Started With A Whisper

  1. MMKB,
    I wonder if James will try to keep contacting you or if he’ll realize you’re interested in someone else and leave you alone. But I’m really shocked that Landon kissed you like that out of the blue!

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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