Christmas Kiki

I sit in my desk chair with my Galaxy Note 2 in my lap.

Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Claire are sitting on my floor,  Bean and Boo on my bed.

We’re planning our Christmas party.

I quickly write something down and present it.

“Christmas Kiki,” Alicia says, with faint curiosity in her voice.

As if my iPod heard us, “Mistletoe” had ended and “Let’s Have a Kiki” started playing softly in the background.

“Yes.  One- Kiki is a fun word to say.  Two- Noone at school has had one.  And Three-I want to be the first,” I say, jotting down more things on the device.  “Kuh-laire, take my iPad Mini tonight and make a perfect playlist; Non-boring Christmas music, catchy pop, and a few slow songs.”

Claire already begins making a potential “Christmas Kiki” playlist.

“Leesh, A-list’s from WP, the best from OCD and Briarwood.  Invite them Ay-sap.”

Alicia pulls out her iPhone 5 and starts searching.

“Dyl, snacks.  Three catagories: Healthy, Christmas Sweets, and Guilty Pleasures.”

She seems content with her job and starts making a list.

“Kris, decor.  We’ll be having it in the usual party room.  It has to be Christmas-y but still party-ish. Kay?”

Kristen nods and starts designing in her school notebook.

“I’ll be working on the outfits,” I say, writing my name on the list and marking it with “Christmas Couture”.

December 6, 2012

I walk downstairs and pick up my Glossip Girl delivery off the table.

I glance at the table to see what else was in the mail.  Another package with my name.  Holding it, I look at the return address: David J.  Capon.

“Ehmagawd, DJ!” I wisper, excited.

I run up to my room and open it as fast as I can.

It contains two heart rings, one in silver and one in gold,  and a notecard.

It reads “Massie Block, will you be my girlfriend?-DJ

I snap a picture and send it to Leesh, Dyl, Kris, and Kuh-laire.

Me: Yes. but, why two rings?

DJ: because you have two different charm bracelets.  and gold+silver=tacky 😉

Me: Aww!  Thank you!

725 views for my next post.

Making a new page for my song of the day!



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