Early Christmas Post!

Since I was a young girl, my family has done the same thing during Christmas.  I’ve always luh-ved most of it.  My grandparents visit.  It’s the only time I see them besides my birthday.

Everyone makes sure it’s perfect for when they arrive.  Isaac picks them up.  Inez greets them while we wait in the family room.  Gammie and Grandpa hug us and we all catch up.

Gammie always gives me an ugly Christmas sweater I’m suppose to wear while she’s here.  Of course my mother makes me.  She urges me to be polite and wear the fashion don’t-even-think-about-it.

Instead of my dad taking me on nightly walk, Grandpa takes me.  He asks me all sorts of questions.  We have a lot to catch up on since they couldn’t come visit last year.(remember the money issue?)

On Christmas Eve, my grandpa sits with me and we both write a letter to Santa.  It’s childish, I know.  But it’s a tradition.  We seal them and leave it on top of the fireplace with a plate of cookies Gammie and I would make.

Until midnight, we would all watch our favorite Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa and eating the leftover cookies.  At exactly midnight, Bean would pick a present for each of us to open.  This year, Bean and Boo will share the job.  After opening one present, we hang the stockings, share a prayer, and go to sleep.

The next morning, we open the rest of our presents.  Isaac helps me haul them up to my room.  I replace the massiequin in my room with my new one.

All of the PC’s family’s come over for the afternoon.  As tradition, we all have a performance.  Alicia of course, does a dance routine.  Dylan, Kristen, and Claire do a singing number.  I sing a song while playing the piano (doing “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars this year.  Dedicated to a special someone! ;)).  Afterwards, we have the secret Santa, at the start of each December, each person from each family picks a name out of a Chanel bag.  Once, Dylan’s sisters picked each other and they got each other the exact same thing! Another time, Gammie picked Kristen.  She made her one of her usual ugly sweaters.  Kris’ mom Marsha was so pleased.  She still makes Kristen wear it every Christmas over her Christmas dress!

We eat dinner and the parents catch up while The Pretty Committee goes up to my room, sipping hot cocoa and talking about the presents we received.

At night, after everyone is gone, I always fall asleep warm, happy, and grateful.

Early Merry Christmas Loves!


Will Be Posting Again Soon! 😉


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