Nightmare Before Christmas

Brownie dashes down the trail, going faster than we ever had.  My low side pony bouncing with every leap.  I see the finish line, about a hundred feet away.  My heart is pounding with every second that goes by and we haven’t passed the finish line.  Brownie starts running faster and everything goes by in a blur.  Before I know it, ten feet away from the finish line, Brownie stops and I fall off.  The only thing I hear is my heart pounding, the sounds of the gasps and screams coming from all around me are blocked out.

Everything goes in slow motion as I crash to the ground.  There’s a sharp pain in my leg and I know it’s definately broken.  Tears glide down my cheeks as a girl with auburn hair and gray eyes takes the first prize and I’m carried off the trail on a stretcher.

I wake up instantly.  My pillow soaked from tears in my sleep.  I double check my leg to make sure it was just a dream.  It’s fine and it was just a memory from breaking my leg in a race when I was eight; the last time I cried in public.

I toss and turn the rest of the night, remembering the pain from that day.

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