I blow DJ a quick kiss bye before ending our hour-long video chat.  He replies with a quick grin and a wave.

I pick up my Galaxy Note 2 and check my holiday schedule:

12/17/12-Christmas Kiki

12/18/12-Holiday “Date” with DJ via Skype

12/20/12- Greeting Gammie and Grandpa when they arrive and spending the day with them.

12/21/12- End of The World Parties. (One at Briarwood, one at Skye’s)

12/24/12- Mini celebration for my “half-birthday”

12/25/12- Christmas Day

12/31/12-1/1/13- All Nighter at local church

I look at the clock above my desk and quietly gasp.  It’s 2:12 in the morning!

I slip off the Sony X Headphones I had on and change into a loose Batman pullover.  I pause Guitar String/Wedding Ring by Carly Rae Jepsen and crawl into bed.

Updated Song(s) of The Day and Massie’s Opinion

A Spot for Dylan Marvil has opened up in my Pretty Committee

My new fave winter quote is,

“Every Snowflake is Umique and Every One of Them Sparkles Like a Star”-Me

If you use it, please credit me.  I thought of it while making snowflakes with children at a local elementary school.



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