Duh-livia Spotting at 2:00

I stride through the hallway and into the girls’ room.

After getting out, I look out a window for a split second.

“The hell?” I mutter, looking back out.  “Eh-ma-gawd.”

I angle my iPhone 5, making sure not to get the glare from the window and snap a photo.

Massie: I require 5 Gossip Points for this.

Claire: Ehmagawd!

Kristen: Is.

Dylan: That.

Alicia: Olivia?!?

Massie: Yup.  She must be KIDDING herself if she thinks she can show her face like this.

Alicia: I can’t believe it.

Massie: What’s nawt to believe?  She’s preggers.

Dylan:  That she could get a guy in bed! She’s flatter than a board! XD

Kristen: Bra stuffer!!!

I sigh in relief, so glad I’d never had to stuff my bra.

Massie: Earth to Kuh-laire!

Claire: Miss Lyons is working and so should you. -Mr McClaw

My eyes widen and I slip my phone back into my handbag, right after sending the photo to everyone at Briarwood.

New Page! Quotes Quotes Quotes check it out!

What do you think about Duh-livia?

Going to the End of The World party at Briarwood.  Anyone else going?

Are there any Todds out there? I want one.

Still looking for Kuh-laire and Dylan.

I’m also looking for Extras (I.E. Nina, Olivia, Derrington, cam…) if anyone’s interested.



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