Kuh-ristmas Kiki Kuh-laire Downfall

I watch the look of horror on Claire Lyons face when they land on her.  Still-wet doggie drool dripping off her knock-off dress.  Layne’s face when some of the drool lands on her cheek.

“Massie! Why’d you do that?” Claire asks, tears welling in her eyes.

“You chose to hang out with EWs behind my back, making you a FEW.  And for calling me a bitchy man stealer,” I say with a straight face, oblivious to the crowd of WP, OCD, and Briarwood students laughing at her.

She must’ve just noticed because she looks around her cheap drugstore mascara running and drool drying her hair, making it look crunchy.

“So you can go along with Layme and that swelled up pumpkin belly eating all the food,” I say, glancing at Olivia then back at Kuh-laire.

Claire storms off and Inez quickly picks up the old, smelly Keds Claire used to wear, she had since given them to Bean and Boo as chewtoys.

The party is back on as “Live While We’re Young” blasts throught the speakers and everyone starts dancing again.

After a few dances, we take a break and go get some punch.  Reed Deming’s “Mercy On Me” starts playing and I can’t help but think of DJ.  I put Leesh in charge of everything and tell her I’ll be back in ten minutes.

I send DJ a few selfies of my outfit and he sends back a few of his unbelievebly ahdorable face.

I reapply my Candy Cane Glossip Girl and start to head back down to the party.

When I get to the bottom of the staircase, a boy puts his arms around my waist, turns me around and tries to kiss me.  I slap him hard before he can and glide over to the PC, as I can’t run in these heels.  “Leesh, what the hell is Ryan doing here?” I whisper-hiss at her.

“I don’t know how he got through security.  I checked the guest list on the iPad Mini twice to make sure no LBR’s names were awn it,” she replies, her deep brown eyes filled with confusion as she goes to check with security. I roll my eyes.

We spend the rest of the night dancing and giggling over gossip.


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