I’ll Be Waiting Under The Mistletoe, While You’re Driving Here Through The Winter Snow

I sit quietly on my chaise, sipping peppermint tea.  My phone is on right beside me.  Todd is on the line, babbling about how the world is going to end.

At first I han’t the foggiest of how he had gotten my cell phone number.  Then I realised only one person could have given it to him;  Kuh-laire.

I roll my eyes and hit the end button.

My nose is redder than Rudolph’s and my fingers are chilled to the tip.

After the End of the World party, that had been held at Briarwood, The PC had had a snowball fight in my backyard (couldn’t in the front yard, my mother had fragile lawn decorations she had just set up).

I lightly scratch my neck.  The latest sweater gammie made me is tight around the neck.  This year she has given me more than one sweater. The joy.

DJ told me they were cute when we video chatted.  His sickness seeming worse.

Alicia had bought him first class tickets to come to Westchester as an early Christmas present for me.  On the day he was suppose to arrive, he had caught the flu and was stuck in Albany.

I shudder at the thought that just came to mind and I’m glad DJ can’t come now.  Nini Callas is coming to town.

She’ll be here for school.  Luckily, she’ll be going to OCD.  Leesh said she was held back for two years.

I slip out of my heels and tip toe out of my room and make my way into the family room’s closed door.  My parents are wrapping presents.  Isaac stops me before I can get there, telling me I’ll have to wait and see what everyone has gotten me.

He takes me to the kitchen and we eat biscuts (cookies :)) with our tea and he asks me what happened with Claire.  I tell him what happened (the cursing parts left out).  He assures me everything’ll be alright and goes back out to heat up the range rover.

My page CSOTU will be open on New Years’ Eve.  Be sure to check back then.

What do you think should happen with Claire?

Be sure to look at (and follow!) Alicia and Kristen‘s blawgs.  Links can be found on my Pretty Committee page!

Still searching for a Dylan and a Claire.


Brrr...Bundle up!

Brrr…Bundle up!


5 thoughts on “I’ll Be Waiting Under The Mistletoe, While You’re Driving Here Through The Winter Snow

    • Hey MBF!
      Just read your blawg. To sum it up in one word: AH-MAZING!
      Thank you 🙂
      Friendly note, I may start stalking your blawg. LoL, jk, I will be looking at your blawg frequently (each day ;)) for posts. Haha.


      P.S. you’re now on my Blawgs I Ah-dore page

      • Aww, haha, thanks MMKB!
        I absolutely J’ADORED your blog, once someone told me to check it out!

        Thanks so much for the compliment 😀

        ~Kisses Forever,

  1. MMKB,
    That’s too bad that DJ is sick and couldn’t come visit you and Westchester! Nina’s coming to visit? Hopefully she won’t bother you and the PC too much! I wonder what’ll end up happening with Claire! I hope things work out between you two :]

    Kisses! Sincerely, GMB

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