Happy New Year! 2013 is finally here!

Hello loves!  Happy New Year! Hope you have an ah-mazing day!

Any New Years’ resolutions?

One of mine is to finish reading “The Hobbit” for school.

I snap a quick pic of my new years eve outfit.  This year, Merri-Lee is out of town and the PC is going to a new years’ All Nighter at a local church.

I send it to DJ.  No responce.

I sigh and go downstairs

“Miss Block you have a guest in the living room,” Inez says, not looking up from cleaning up a broken vase.

I walk to the living room, unsure of who’s there.  On the coffee table next to the sofa (which is turned away from the door) is a small box wrapped and with a tiny little bow.

A blonde ponytail is hanging over the back of the sofa.  I instantly know who it is.

“Claire…” I quietly say.

“Massie, I’m so sorry.  I didn’t mean the things I said.  I was being stupid.  It was a side effect of making the mistake of hanging with Olivia,” Claire tells me, tears welding up in her eyes.  “I bought you this necklace for Christmas.  I was saving for weeks to get it for you.”

I ponder for a moment, wondering if I should accept her apology or not.

“Accepted.  On one condition,” I say sternly.

“Anything,” she quickly says.

“No more hanging with Duh-livia.”

“Done.  She’s no fun anyway,” Claire says, hugging me.

I hug her back and slip on the snowflake necklace she bought me.

At the All nighter, it’s 11:58 P.M. and everyone is out by the bonfire while they’re setting up fireworks.

At the strike of midnight, fireworks go off and make beautiful designs all over the starry sky above us.  I feel a pair of familiar hands spin me around and kiss me as they go off above us.  From his soft hands and floppy hair (pre-Bieber not current style) touching my forehead, it can only be one person.  David Joseph Capon.  I can feel us both smiling during our first kiss.

Pulling away he say, “and you, Massie Block, has just taken my fist kiss.  And I know it was worth it,” he says with a bight smile.

I smile back and say in a whisper “and now, DJ, I want your second.”  I plant a small kiss on his lips.

We all spend the night playing the games and laughing over pizza and Redbull.

My CSOTU Page is now open!

Be sure to check out my pages.  I updated almost all of them!

Still on my search for a Claire.



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