It’s Too Cliche, I Won’t Say I’m in Love

I walk to the doorstep in my pajamas.

If it wasn’t for my Glossip Girl, I wouldn’t be up this early, I think, picking up the glitter dusted box off the mat.

There’s a basket waiting to the side.  Curious, I peek under the lavender blanket on top.

“Ehmagawd,” I whisper excitedly and pick it up and run inside and up to my room.

“Bean, Boo, you have a little sister!” I (again as to not wake my parents) whisper-scream.  They give me utterly confused looks, cocking their heads.

I sigh and pull the cute kitten from the basket, with the note.

“It’s a gift from DJ,” I tell them, placing the kitty on the sheepskin rug.  They excitedly sniff the cat, Bean finally (and silently) barks her approval, Boo soon after.

I read the note again:

Mass, I saw this kitten and thought of you and how sweet and cute you are ❤


I send him a selfie of me holding the kitty.  It smells like his cologne.

He sends back a GIF of him blowing a kiss.  I miss him already.

Last night DJ came over for dinner.  It went perfectly, mum and dad thought he was charming, introducing himself as David instead of DJ and wearing a blazer, white button up, and dark wash skinnies.

I softly play Boyfriend by Justin Bieber and make a quick call to Bark Jacobs to order all their latest cat clothes, toys, and accessories.

I think of how cute DJ is (personality and looks).  He’s always fun to be around.  Unless getting up, he wouldn’t let go of my hand at the movie (in a sweet way, with a light grip), he always made sure I was first, opening doors, pulling out chairs, the whole nine yards.

He’s funny, always making jokes and messing around.

My thoughts start to get too deep and stop.  We’ve only been dating a month.  It can’t be love….can it?

I quickly scratch the thought when my Bark Jacobs orders show up.

After slipping on a Zac Posen dress, leggings, and booties (toning down the dress with casual items), I start dressing the Massiequin and my pets for the sleepover tonight.  Before forgetting, I pull an extra hanger and put Kuh-laire’s pink ruffle dress she left here, in the front of my closet so I can wear it on Monday (wear the ugliest thing in your closet day at WP).

When the girls show up (at no later than 2pm) we eat our Nandos, plan our outfits, and giggle about our crushes all day.

Here’s where I need your help, dear reader.

Simply, vote.



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