Just a Few Quick Bits.

When I tallied up the votes, white and gray had a tie.  I put ten pieces of paper in a hat (each with five whites and five grays) and chose one.  I picked white.

And her name is Bitsy.

And here she is.

Bitsy Block

School Spirit Week at Westchester Private!

Monday: Ugliest Thing in Your Closet

Tuesday: Pet Day- Bring Your Favorite Pet!

Wednesday: Goth Day

Thursday: PJs!

Friday: Dress As Your Favorite Celeb! (Leesh Has Selena Gomez, Josh [who transferred to WP] is being JB)

Mine, will be a surprise 😉

As of today, Alicia and I are the only two in my PC.


P.S. Thanks for nearly 2,000 views! Mwah!


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