The Opening of the New EC Store

“And here is our top model, Massie Block, to cut the ribbon!” Says Vanessa, the Owner of Envious Clothing, introducing me to cut the ribbon at the new EC store opening in The Westchester.

I glide to the center of the ribbon, scissors in hand, my mesh-panel dress in perfect place.

“Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy the ah-mazing clothes in the store, just as much as I enjoyed modeling them.  They’re fan-tastic quality, and uber comfortable!” I give a quick wink and cut the ribbon in what feels like slow-motion.  I smile brightly as I walk to the sidelines to where the PC is, Alicia taking pictures of me on my iPhone 5 (to send to DJ).  “How’d I do ladies?” I ask, fluffing my hair ever-so-alightly.

“Ah-mazing Mass!  You looked fab up there!” Alicia said, handing back my phone.

I smile in reply.

“Yeah, no wonder why you’re a model,”Claire adds.

I cock my head a little to the right and smirk, sending a few of my curls spilling down my mesh-covered back.  “Were you questioning why I was offered a contract?”

“No,” she said, lowering her head.

“Good,” I smirk again, pulling my hair back over my left shoulder.

We walk into the store and browse.  Every few minutes, someone comes up and ask for an autograph.  I gladly sign with my metallic sharpie.

My wine red nails tap the screen on my phone as I text DJ while the clerk rings up our purchases.

Our heels clack on the marble floor as we walk to the door.  I give a few more autographs on our way.

We’re toasty as we sip our lattes in the range rover.

Kristen has to get home for an unnamed reason (something about her mum…) and Dylan has to get home to tape an episode of The Marvilous Marvils, leaving Claire, Alicia, and I.

I my room, we leave our purses on the white leather chaise.

I walk into the closet, wearing my dress and walk out wearing skinnies and a juicy hoodie.

Bean and Boo are cuddled up to Bitsy on the sheepskin rug, sleeping.  If it wasn’t for them, the kitten would have been totally camoflached into the rug.

We gossip about nearly every student at WP, talk about how excited Leesh must be that Josh’ll be attending WP this semester, and review a few of our assignment due tomorrow for any flaws.

“It must suck that Cam is still going to Briarwood, Claire,” Alicia says, popping an unsalted cashew in her mouth while I get the dvd ready.  We’re going to watch Pitch Perfect.

“Well, yeah, but we’ll survive,” Claire replies, looking somewhat sad and begins to eat sour gummy feet from a plastic bag.

“Ooh, that reminds me.  Look what DJ sent me,” I pull out a bag of M&M’s from my Prada, “and I’s like to share.”

We each take a handful of the chocolate candy and begin the movie.

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