A Week Back at Westchester Private


I wake up, not totally eager to go to school this morning.  I drag myself out from under my purple duvet, shower, and get dressed.

My (Claire’s!) pink, ruffled, sleeveless dress reaching the top of my thighs.  I slip my favorite leather jacket over it in an attempt to make it look cute.

At school, we have an assembly and get our new schedules for the semesters.

I slip into my homeroom seat. There’s a box on my desk.  I lift the top off and gasp.

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 5.00.36 PM

I stare at the plain pink cake with the rude writing.

I snap a pic and send it to the girls.

Alicia (Across the room): Who

Dylan (room 147): The

Kristen (room 241): Hell

Claire (room 143): Did that?

Me: I have no ide…

Alicia: N

Dylan: I

Kristen: N

Claire: A

Me: Callas.

Alicia: Is so dead.

Dylan: Done.

Kristen: Done.

Claire: and Done.

I look at a small blonde girl sitting on the right of me and tilt y head a little toward the cake.  She throws it away and I smile contently.  Nina will be going down… but how?  She was held back and goes to OCD.



I take  a bad sushi day and don a pair of batman shorts.  Alicia and I IM about the plans to bring Nina down.

Around noontime, Inez goes grocery shopping, mum and dad go to lunch, and I head down to the music room.  This room has over 1,000 albums/cds in it.  Most I haven’t listened to.  I head past the various guitars, violins, and wind instruments, and head to my grand piano.  I warm up by playing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (kinda a weird piece to start with, I know) and then play Beethoven Symphony 9  After finishing, I hear Isaac pull up outside to drop Inez off before getting my parents.

I slip my soft, fuzzy blanket over my shoulders like a shawl and sprint back up the stairs to my room.  Once inside, I slow down a little, but still running across the room to get to my bed.  My blanket falls to my feet.  In my hurry, I step on the blanket and trip, landing on the sheepskin rug, unhurt.

Bitsy hops off the leather chaise and lands beside me, leaving Bean and Boo sleeping on the chaise.  She climbs on my and sits on the middle of my chest.  She looks different.

“Bits… I thought your eyes were blue..” I say to her, she blinks in return.

Her eyes are now amber.  Strange I think, getting up, tossing the blanket on the end of my bed, and slip under my purple duvet.

I sleep the rest of the day.


Goth day. So…sadness and depressing or whatever.

Alicia and I volunteer to help out at OCD o


It’s pajama day and I wear a purple Victoria’s Secret cam i and shorts set.

While walking in the halls I ruled in middle school, I make sure my braided ponytail is tight.

“Her flight is booked?” I ask Leesh under my breath.



We’re doing a presentation in Nina’s homeroom.

I walk in with Alicia closely  behind me.

There’s a look of horror (or should I say whore) on Nina’s face when she sees us.

I give a smirk and we go to the front of the class to start our presentation.

LBRs in the World shows up behind us.

Alicia starts, “LBR-ism is a very big problem in every country.”

“Let’s have an example, Leesh,” I say, the next Keynote slide showing.  I photo of a map of Spain.

“Let’s use Spain as our example,” Leesh goes on, turning a bit to the left to look at the slide.  “I think it’s be a good one since an LBR from Spain is in this class.”

Nina slides down in her chair.

I play a slideshow of embarrassing summer vay-kay photos of Nina.  Awkward faces with bleach-blonde dora hair, mismatched outfits, and calloused, unpedicured bare feet fill the Promethean Board.  I glance and the crowd, then smile at Nina, whose eyes are closed tight, tugging her shoulder-length dark red hair with one hand, and stroking the faux fur vest that barely covers her ribcage over her black bralette with the other.

With every photo worst than the last, she can’t take it anymore, she gets up and jogs in her hooker shoes to the door.  On the way her messenger bag catches on the teacher’s desk and everything spills out.  Various wallets and Tiffany pens (with initials that aren’t hers) spread onto the floor.

“Ooh, karma’s a bee-otch,” I say to Alicia under my breath.

“Given,” she says back.


Dress As Your Fave Celeb.  Wearing a blonde, pigtailed wig and a white trench coat, I dressed as Brie Larson (her role of Envy Adams).  Everything is down to a T.  I even use the same voice Brie used.

The school day goes well and after dropping the girls off, Isaac takes me on a quick run to Dr. Juice and then he takes me home.

“Miss Block, your parents are waiting in the den for you,” Inez said when I had come in.

I shrugged and went to the den.

“Massie, on Monday we’re sending you to be with your cousin Natalie for a week.  In New York City,” my mother said with a small smile.

“What, why?” I ask, feeling dizzy.  Natalie McCory.  The McCorys live in a small apartment.  And they’re not rich.

“We’re giving your room a makeover as a late Christmas gift pumpkin,” my dad says, trying to make it sound exciting.

“Isn’t that great?” mother asks.

“Yeah, cause you did an ah-mazing job last time you guys renovated my room,” I say with a mixture of sarcasm and annoyance, remembering how they made my room like Tommy Hilfiger.

I cross my arms and walk to my room before they can say anything else.

Once in my room a kick off my Louboutins and throw my trench coat across the room.

I pull the wig off and gently place it on the Massiequin before punching the wall.

I change into a black tank and skinnies before locking my bathroom door, blasting the hot water, and start sobbing.

I wash my my face before it gets puffy and Facetime DJ.

“Hey hun,” hey says, smiling.

“Hey,” I say flatly.

“Is something wrong?” he asks sweetly, his smile gone and his eyebrows raised.

“I’m going to NYC for a week to stay with my cousin’s family.  I can’t stay in a tiny apartment for a week!” I say and start sobbing again.

“Shh, don’t cry babe.  I’m moving to NYC anyways.  We can see each other!” He says, smiling again.

I feel Bitsy climb up my back and stop on my shoulder.

He laughs and I thank him again for the kitten.

Before we know it I have to go because the girls are here.


Just packing.


Golden Globes!

My Dylan Has a Blog!

2,030 Views For My Next Post!!!



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