I Hate Mondays…

I push the brim of my sunglasses up.  I chose black lenses to cover up the dark circles around my eyes from a sleepless night.

I see The McCorys waiting near the entrance for me.  Natalie is wearing pure old navy.  Ugh, it’s not even from this season.

I walk over to them.

“Hey Massie, you’ll be staying in my room, with me,” Natalie says brightly.

Great I think. “Perf Nat!” I file and say with fake enthusiasm.

They seem to think I’m being serious and turn to take me to their apartment.

I roll my eyes. “Um, what about my luggage?” I ask oozing faux confusion and sweetness.

“They lost your luggage,” my uncle says in a gruff voice.

Natalie slows down to walk with me.  “It totally sucks that that purse is all you have besides the clothes you’re wearing.  I have some clothes you could borrow if you want!”

“Hmm.  Hey, I like your coat.  Where’d you get it?” I pretend to be interested in her Old Navy coat.

“Oh, I got this as a Christmas present,” she says admiring the green-brown mixtured color.

“Huh… Puh-lease say you have at least one pair of skinny jeans,” I say, actually considering borrowing her clothes (As I don’t think I’ll be able to find a sewing machine).

“Um, I have one pair.  They’re a little too big on me though.  I think they might fit you,” she giggle-blurts out, bouncing with every step.

We take the subway (I refuse to touch anything) and then walk one block to the apartment.


Ugh.  I think, slowly walking behind them and slipping quickly inside as to not touch the door.

“Natalie, take her to your room.  Your father needs to get back to work and I need to start dinner,” my aunt says, hanging her coat on a rack by the door.

“Kay mom.”

In her room, two cots are set up, one is hers, the other I suppose is a guest bed.


I sigh and wonder how many others slept there.  “Where do you keep your clothes?” I ask her, searching the tiny room.

“In this basket under my bed,” she says pointing to a small chest.

The sun is shining brightly though the window but I feel drained.  I lay on mine (the one on the left) and instantly fall asleep.

I don’t wake up until the next morning.

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