LC or MB. One of them is D-O-N-E

I sit, bored in my english class desk.  I tap my purple-inked pen on my desk while I wait for the rest of the class to get done.  My blue-contacted eyes grow tired every second I’m staring at the clock.

Ms. Menders taps on my shoulder, pulling me back to reality.

“Miss Block, may I have a word with you outside?”  she asks in a tone hinting I might be in trouble.

I hesitate for a second, but think, What could happen that I haven’t already been through? and head out the door.

“Miss Block, you’re an extraordinary speller.  Tied for the best in class,”  she says.

“Who am I tied with?”  I ask her, curious to find out.

“Lindsey Chu,”  she softly says, pointing to a girl I’ve never seen before.  “She just started last week, but her scores in her old school are amazing.”

She’s pretty, I guess, but she can’t be that popular if I haven’t heard of her.  “And where are you going with this?” looking back to the teacher’s muted green eyes.

“I need to pick two boys and two girls to be in the spelling bee next Wednesday.  Would you like to be in it?”  she has a glint of hope in her eyes.

“Um, sure.  Why not?”

“Great.  I’ll give you the list after class.”

Massie: who’s Lindsey Chu?

Alicia: She’s in our grade, moved here from Cali, people think she could take your place as the 9th grade alpha.

Kristen: She got a higher score than me on last week’s test.

Dylan:  People always want to sit with her at lunch.

Claire: Even Layne likes her!

Massie:  She is nawt alpha material.

Alicia: Totes.  What are we going to do?

Massie:  Leave that to me 😉



Alicia is taking a break until February.  Check back on her blog then.

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