Survey From Kristen Luhvs Soccer

Explain your URL.

MMassiekurB… My URL is so plain but I heart it.  It’s like the total opposite of me!  If you’ve been in WPA and have chatted with me, you see I say random things all the times, which includes Meowing and sending lyrics of my favorite songs.  I loved Massie’s IM name and I wanted that included in all my Massie usernames.  It started on Polyvore.  My username was originally Massie-Massiekur-Block.  Later I changed it to MMassiekurB.  I changed it after I got a blog.

How did you find out about WordPress?

After my original Massie Block Facebook was deleted, I was wandering around on Polyvore, I stumbled onto a Massie Block profile with a blog URL.  I clicked it and read every page.  I became addicted to reading blogs.  Soon, I decided to open one too, to make it more official.  I believe the first to comment on my post was GlitterMassieBlock, LovelyMassieBlock, or MassieBlockLove.

Why did you choose to roleplay who you roleplay/ Why do you blog about your life?

Since the first sentence of The Clique, I ah-dored Massie.  She was the one I connected to right off the bat with.  I could imagine myself as her the most.  The second would be Claire, the third, Dylan.  Which is why I started both a Claire and Dylan blog.  But Massie just had something to her that would just clique when I wrote (a cliche, I know, but I just had to!).

What have you gained from your experience here?

 I’ve learned to write longer.  When I started, I wrote these short, itty-bitty, posts.  Now I write more.  I absolutely hated writing before I started this blog.  I started it after my school got out for summer vay-kay.  I hated my 8th grade english/language arts teacher.  He was a total d***** bag (I don’t know who’s reading) and his teaching skills were a piece of Schmidt (a play on his name).  He literally kept me after school until nearly 7:00 pm to work on a paper!  He wasn’t even there to help me.  He went home to eat dinner for an hour and left me in the hallway with a laptop.  I couldn’t get on anything fun while he was gone and after I was done because he recorded my laptop’s activity on his laptop, which sucked times ten times twenty!  He gave the worse promps too.  I’d refuse to write, but then I’d get a lunch detention.  EMG, I’m babbling about this!  I’ll move on now.

Take us through your posting process.

I get ideas just doing whatever.  Sometimes I see a picture that just sparks something in my mind and I see a story in it.  It makes me think more about it.  I write a title I usually try to stick to, type as much as I can, re-read it, and if it’s good enough, post it.

What is your blogging goal for the upcoming year?

Get at least 100 followers (I ❤ you all my followers), get more views (10,000 if I can), not give up, and write better.



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