Are We Being Watched?

The Pretty Committee and I giggled on our ride.  Soon as Claire, Dylan, Kristen, and I kept laughing, Alicia’s normally tanned face grew white as she stared at her phone.

“What’s wrong Leesh?”  I ask, putting my hand on her shoulder.

“Remember when we were taking selfies around the mall while we were shopping?”  She asks quietly, her face still white and frozen.

“Um, yeah,” my voice indicating for her to keep talking.

“Well, in every picture, there’s this one guy.  Like he’s following us or something,”  she hands me the phone, her eyes wide.

“He has his hood up.  We can’t tell who he is,”  I hand the phone to Dylan and Claire.  Claire attempts to hand it to Kristen but Kris waves her hand and continues to study for the History Test on Monday.

I pull my curled hair into a high ponytail.  I’m staying true to my 28 Days of Curls and curling my hair everyday.

A chill runs down my spine as we walk into my house as I feel like we’re being watched other than by the security cameras.




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