Happy Birthday to Claire!

The girls and I sing along loudly to “Top of the World” by Bridgit Mendler in the back of the range rover while driving home from the party our families had for Claire in a restaurant my parents had reserved for the night.  Our families are driving their own cars and Claire left her many presents with Isaac in the front.

I laugh at the icing Claire still has on her nose from stuffing cake in her mouth.  Everyone had some.  Except for Dylan, I hadn’t seen her eat anything lately.  She hasn’t had anything for lunch, claiming she wasn’t hungry, and just buys a bottle of Perrier while we usually get spicy sushi or fruit and froyo.

Isaac drops us off on the walkway and goes to park.  Besides our heels click-clacking on the concrete, everything is deadly silent.  I don’t show it, but it’s creeping me out.  There’s not a wind blowing, no sounds from our parents’ cars coming (where are they?), and no sounds from us.

“Why does it feel so weird?”  Claire asks, breaking the growing tension.

“I don’t know. weird things have been happening,”  I say slowly and quietly.

“Since-”  Alicia is cut off by all our phones beeping from each of us getting a text.

“Ehmahgawd!”  we all exclaim, receiving a picture of each of us at the restaurant.

I get one of me dancing with part of my electric blue bra showing (I took off my blazer.  And yes, we were dancing there).

Alicia gets one of her spilling apple cider on the front of her dress.

Kristen gets one of her smiling with red lipstick on her teeth.

Dylan gets one of her looking “fat”, sitting on her chair all gloomy.

Claire gets one of her basically stuffing cake down her throat.

Unknown: Well these’ll make the yearbook team verrrry happy

We gasp.

“What’s wrong?”  my mom asks, stepping out of the car.

Sorry I didn’t post the OOTD sooner, I couldn’t get on the computer.



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