Dylan’s Post

Miss Dylan Marvilous

The Block Estate-Massie’s Bedroom

6 : 01 P.M.

February 14, 2013

I stand in front of Massie’s full length mirror with the rest of the PC.  My red ringlets had been professionally straightened and I now look like a redheaded Taylor Swift.  My green eyes look bright with the smokey eyes Jakkob’s assistant, Yolanda, had done our makeup while he did hair.  Yolanda had said while carefully putting dark eyeshadow on the eye that to enjoy it while I could, soon the smokey eye is out until september and will be reserved for only the most special occasions.  In the corner of my eye, for a split second, I saw Massie’s ears perk up as Jakkob finished her last curl in her dyed light brown hair.

My hair reached the small-ish part of my back and popped against my black dress.  So far, all of us had revealed our…

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