A Black and White Valentine’s Day

G’Evening My Loves.   I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but I’ve been caught up with homework but I’m going to start doing my OOTD everyday from now on.  I pinky swear.

I’m lying on the white sheepskin rug on my floor as Bean, Boo, and Bitsy have all taken over the room on my deep mauve duvet.  My glossed lips still tingle, even after my shower, from the goodbye kiss I’d given DJ before he got back on the plane with his first class ticket in hand to return to NYC so he wouldn’t miss a day at XO (Xavier Oakland Academy).

My clear skin is glowing, not as pale now from the spray tans The Pretty Committee had gotten yesterday, is glowing and warm from the hot water.  My hair is up in a messy bun.  I’m wearing a cream-colored oversized pullover with black leggings underneath.

Well, here’s the ball and before.

The PC and I walk into my mixed mauve and creamy white room.  Our shoes are in hand, due to my mothers obsession with our “delicate high glossed wooden stairs”.

There is a white box stamped with the initials “EC” all over it and my address scrawled on the top in gold.

I let the girls go first, each going into my closet to change into the dresses they’ve brought with them.

I rate each of them and silently pray to Gawd that my dress is better.

My turn comes and I walk into the closet with my unopened package.  I close the door quietly behind me and pull on the feather boa to turn the lights on.  Placing the the white box on the chaise in the middle of the room, I shut my eyes tight as I open it.  I take a peek with my right eye, then open the other and smile.

“Eh-ma-gawd,” I whisper, “It’s perfect!”

It’s ah-mazing.  It’s technically not breaking the “Black and White Only” Rule, but it’s bending it.  It’ll make me stand out more than I am, it’s figure-flattering, and it’s totally Envious.

Hmm, I think, I don’t want them to see it yet.

Something satin catches my eye across the closet.  Perf.

I slip on the satin lilac-colored robe over the dress and look over my shoe selection.  I have it nailed down to black pumps, white pumps, and red knotted heels.  I think for a second.  Deff the red ones.

My limo legs look long, elegant, and totally smooth.  I look at the jewelry on my closet vanity and don’t think it over for more than a millisecond.  The silver charm bracelet.  Sorry gold, but the silver goes better, I silently apologize.  The silver pops against my tastefully spray-tanned wrist and I open my ring box.  I pick out a silver heart ring DJ had given me and slip in on my left middle finger.

I pull the boa to turn the light off and slowly open the door.  I know they’re expecting the dress, but I’m keeping it to myself until we get there.

“Let’s see Mass,”  Alicia says, trying to sneak a peek under the robe.

“No way,  this baby will be revealed at the dance.

Jakkob and Yolanda work on our hair and makeup for nearly an hour before Isaac honks the horn for us to get in the range rover.

At the dance the first place I head is the girls’ room.  There are a few girls by the mirror.

“Out,”  I say firmly.

They stay.

“Um, do you know who I am?”  I ask,  the leave like they finally recognized me.

I pull my white trench coat off and stash it.  I admire my silver sparkled and black dress in the mirror before leaving.

The girls were guarding the door for me.  I get “ah-mazing”s, “oohs” and “ahhs”, the whole nine yards.

When we see our guys, we pair off nearly instantly, with Kristen going to meet her admirer.  “C’mon” by Ke$ha is playing and many couples dance.  DJ and I get a few sugar cookies and talk near the bleachers.  I J’adore the outfit he’s wearing.  He’s wearing a black Ralph Lauren blazer, Black dress shoes, black jeans that fit in all the right places, and a white tee under.  I think it’s cute in a don’t-care-about-formal-stuff way.  He let his ultra light brown hair grow to the perfect length where it’s not too shaggy but he can flip it.  His carmel eyes have a certain sparkle to them as he tell me I look beautiful.

I think we may have met somehow in a past life.  There’s a certain spark between us, a connection, something familiar in his eyes that I noticed when he approached me in November in the glow of the full moon and the sparkle of the stars.  And like it was destiny for us to meet.  Fate that we’d be together.

“Love Me Like You Do”  by Justin Bieber comes on and he leads me to the dance floor by the small of my back.  We dance for a few songs, take a break for punch, and dance more.  He’s a great dancer.

At the end of “Dirty Love” by Ke$ha, Headmistress Viola steps up onto the stage followed by her secretary, Ms. Miners.  Ms. Miners is carrying the crowns for the King and Queen of the Ball.

“Good Evening Students, I hope you’re all having a good time,” said the young headmistress,  she got cheers from everyone but the A-list.  Claire golf clapped but nothing else.

“Well it’s time to crown the king and queen of the Black and White Ball!”

More cheers.

“Well we’ve counted your votes and the couple you’ve voted for is….”


“Massie Block and her date,”  we walk up happily, his arm around my waist and my hand holding it.

“What’s your name sir?”  she holds the mic up to DJ.

“David Capon,”  he says in his smooth voice, leaning to talk, and he flips his hair to the right.

Cheers for us.

She places the Swarvoski Crystaled crown on his hair, and he carefully places the other on mine, as not to ruin the curls.  With the spotlight on us, my dress reflects and it looks like we’re glowing along with the crowns.  It also send a blinding surprise to anyone in the “shine zone”.

We get congratulations on our way down.  We head to get our picture taken just as “Ready or Not” by Brigit Mendler starts.  As we wait in the warm glow of the lights, he pulls out his iPhone 5 and snaps the perfect selfie of me leaning against him and his arm around me.  He would’ve had his head beside mine but the crowns made it difficult.

The last dance of the night it to “Little Things”  by One Direction.  On the last “Things”  he kisses my lips with his uber-soft lips.  I open my eyes to his dazzling ones.

 “With or without those contacts, your eye are perfect, just like the rest of you,”  he says softly.  I kiss his cheek, leaving a lipgloss mark.

At the airport, his tired eyes gaze into mine.  I let him lay with his head on my lap as he tries to rest before leaving.

I lightly stroke his hair as he sleeps silently.  His flight shows up and a wake him up.   Ticket in hand, I give him a goodbye kiss before he gets on his first-class flight.

I small warm tear silently rolls down my cheek as I watch his flight leave.

Hope you all had an ah-mazing Valentine’s Day!  In RL, I found a bag of chocolate in my locker (that awkward moment when my locker has a combination lock on it).  I also bought myself Sweetheart candy.

Heart:  Love you

Me: Awh, I love you too little candy heart that means nothing to me!

Watch for the return of Alicia!

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5 thoughts on “A Black and White Valentine’s Day

  1. Wonderful post!
    Your tan sounds absolutely fab , just like your dress!
    I’m sure you looked stunning.
    You and DJ make such an adorable couple! Congratulations on getting coronated as Queen and King!
    It’s a shame he had to leave. I’m so sorry about that, Massie.
    That last RL part made me chuckle.
    I have a new post up on RedDylanMarvil.wordpress.com , and I’d love it I’d you took a second to check it out!

    • Thank You! My tan is slowly starting to fade, my dress is being kept safely in my closet and the crown is on my self, surrounded by my many riding trophies. It sparkles at night when the moon shines in. 🙂
      Thanks about the RL 😀
      I’ll be sure to look!


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