Guess Who’s Back, Back again, Massie’s Back, Tell a Friend

G’day Loves, I hope you like my new makeover!  I’m running late on the Current State of The Union, but I will have it up tomorrow.  I’m also taking down the song of the day and just going to start including them in my posts again.

As you might see in my PC Page, my Kristen is open again!

And for a clarification, I’m returning from a short absence, therefore I used Eminem lyrics.

Friday Night Sleepover, March 1st (Justin Bieber’s Birthday)

“Okay, the day’s over, you can take that snapback off before it destroys your hair!”  I say, playfully slapping the purple hat off of Claire’s straight honey blonde hair.

“Hey!” Claire exclaims, quickly swiping it back up and gently placing it on her sleeping bag.

I roll my eyes and look at my reflection in the full-length mirror.  I’d taken my contacts off so my amber eyes are flickering are I run my hands through my super-soft light brown hair.  A month of having curls and you start to miss the sleek look.

“Mass these look ah-mazing!”  Alicia gushes over a shot of me in a pink wig from the latest EC shoot; Angry Chicks (Based on Angry Birds).

“Thanks Leesh,”  I smile.  It doesn’t feel much different without Kristen here.  It’s been exactly three days since her betrayal and she hasn’t come crawling back yet.  We’ve seen her mother dropping her off, sitting alone at lunch, and dressing down.

Serves her right, I think, remembering how she went behind our backs and raised the Witty Committee from the dead (Minus Layme because she’s become a total snob from her new knock-off friends), ignoring my rule that no one be in other cliques.

Wings by Little Mix is playing in the background as we play “Would You Rather” like in the olden days.

“Would you rather, be in Kristen’s Witty Committee, Layme’s Knockoff Club, or The Ahnnabees?”  Dylan asks, popping one mini marshmallow in her mouth then pushing the bag away from her.

“Ugh, I’d have to choose the W-Ahnnabees,”  Alicia says in disgust, twirling her french-braided, raven black hair.

“Ditto,”  Claire agrees, holding her phone, texting Cam no doubt.

“Same,”  My glossed upper lip curls, thinking back to fourth grade when I wasn’t reaching my full potential.

“Who wouldn’t?”  Dylan says last, twirling the stacks of bracelets on her wrists.

I sneak a peek at the clock on my iPhone5; 1:23.  Yawning, I suggest we go to sleep.

My eyelashes flutter before ultimately staying shut as I fall asleep.

More to my makeover coming soon!



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