Hello Again. Friend of a Friend. I Knew You When..

The Block Estate

October 6, 2013

2:53 PM

“How would I look with a weave?” Claire asked, examining her shoulder-length light blonde hair in my vanity mirror.

“Like Acacia Brinley if she stayed blonde.  All you’d need was to was draw on your eyebrows,” I answered, not looking up from the issue of Seventeen I was flipping through.

She let out a small laugh and scooped up Bitsy, my small white kitten, before settling back on my bed, petting the cat.  Bitsy let out a small squeak of a “meow” and escaped from Claire’s arms, scurrying across the room, into my walk-in closet to hide.  She’s such a shy little thing.

“Ehmagawd, I can’t get over how adorbs your phone case is,” she exclaimed, picking up the plush teddy bear than my iPhone 5 was in.  I smirked, noticing the envy in her voice.  It was the envy of every girl in our grade (and even a few of the upperclassmen) at WP.  I wasn’t particularly fond of it, but I used it because: One, it was a gift from EC.  Two, it saved my phone whenever I’d dropped it. And three, no one else had one.

“I know right,” I said, taking the bear from her slightly sweaty palms.  I unlocked it, turn the music off, and walk into the closet.  I call out to Claire, “I want you to rate this new outfit EC sent to wear to school tomorrow.”  I hear her call back, “Kay kay!”

I change quickly, snap a mirror selfie, and send it to Leesh, Dyl, and Kristen before walking out to Claire. “Kay Kuh-laire, you know the deal, one through ten.  Rate me.”


She studied the outfit and decided on, “Hm, nine point seven.”

I smiles and look into the mirror.  If my hair was curled and had on the right makeup, I’d easily be a ten.  My phone beeps three times. A rating from each girl.

Alicia: 9.4

Dylan: 9.6

Kristen: 9.4

I smile contently and walk back into the closet.  I come out wearing the unbuttoned light tan cardigan, white bow blouse, chocolate brown faux leather skater skirt, black opaque thigh-highs, and chocolate brown pumps I was before.  I take the gold charm bracelet off the holder and slip it on my thin wrist. the charms clink together, making little ping sounds as I stride back out into the nearly-all-white bedroom.

Claire is now on the iPad Mini I got her for her birthday two months ago.  No doubt she’s playing Candy Crush Saga.  We’re all addicted to it right now.  I sit back on my previous spot on the bed, break a small piece off my half-eaten Luna Bar on my nightstand, and pop it in my mouth. “Hey C, we should probably finnish the assignment in Ms. Hanning’s class,” I say.  She nods, turns off her game, and sits next to me.  I open my MacBook Pro to the essay we’d been working on and we begin working.

 The Block Estate – Massie’s Bedroom

October 6, 2013

10:29 PM

I use a Q-Tip to get any makeup off my face as I get ready for bed.  My long light brown hair cascades down to the small of my back.  I think about what I ever saw in DJ.  Besides his shaggy hair that wasn’t too shaggy that he needed a haircut.  Bieber pre-cut. And his dreamy eyes that flickered when he was happy.  I roll my eyes and push the thoughts from my head.  I take out my contacts and giggle softly at how the amber eyes looked paired with my light-brown-nearly-blonde locks.  Out of place.  My natural eye shade paired perfectly with my natural chestnut hair.

I shrug and straighten out the the lacy black babydoll top and matching  boyshorts.  I walk back to my bed and slip under the mauve duvet.  I get snuggled in next to Bitsy while Bean and Bugaboo are both curled up in their doggie beds.  I then take the small white remote from my nightstand and press a button to turn off the lights.

I’m super sorry for going away for so long.  I wanted time to work on my writing skills and to rejuvenate. I did feel guilty every time I opened one of the Clique books to read a bit (which turned out being reading the whole book in one sitting).  So I decided to come back.  If you noticed, I gave the blog a little makeover.

I still ah-dore you guys. xx



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