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The Coffee Spill. Oops.

The Westchester Mall – Starbucks

October 12, 2013

5:47 PM

I walk to the counter to get our orders before Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen get here.  Claire calls out behind me, “How about a pixie cut?”  She’s been obsessing over changing her hair lately.  It was beyond annoying.

“Like Miley Cyrus with clothes on,” I call back, pulling my loose curls from captivity by my scarf.  I double-checked to make sure I was a ten before I left, never know when you’d run into someone cute, or a arch-alpha.  A fitted maroon long-sleeved top (more red than purple), black skinnies, black knee-high boots, and a lightweight burgundy infinity scarf.  It was casual but still acceptable flirt wear.

I get our lattes and turn around to walk back to the booth.  I crash into someone on their phone right behind me, probably getting their order.  Coffee spills over the front of the person’s shirt.

“Ehmagawd!” I say, taking a few napkins and begin to wipe the coffee stain setting in already, “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s quite alright, I should’ve watched where I was going,” A smooth accent says in a low, quiet voice.  British.  Obviously male.  I take a look up to his face.  Hazel eyes.  Slight facial hair in a dignified way.  Definitely a nine point six on a bad day.  He slips his phone back into his pocket.  “I’m Malachi, and you are?”

“Massie,” I blurt out. My face reddens slightly.

He flashes a megawatt smiles, “Brilliant name.  How bout I replace the coffee for you?”  He leads the way back to the counter and I order again.  He pulls out a black AmEx card and hands it to the cashier.  He signs his name and slips the card back into his wallet.  He turns back to me, “So Massie, what school do you go to?”

“Westchester Private.  And you?” I shyly tuck a curl behind my ear.

“Well I just moved here last week.  My parents were debating whether to send me to Brairwood Academy or Westchester Private.  I’ll be starting at WP on Monday.”  He smiles.

“That’s awesome! What grade are you in?”

“Twelfth.  What about you?” he hands me the five lattes.

“Tenth,” I say and glance over to the booth where the whole Pretty Committee is now sitting, watching our every move and giggle-whispering to each other. “Hey, I should probably get these back to my friends.”

He nods, “Of course.  Do you think we could exchange numbers and I could maybe give you a ring sometime?” He raises an eyebrow and slips his phone out again.

“Absolutely,” I smile and we put our info into each others’ phones.  I give a flirty wave and begin walking back to the booth.

I’m bombarded with questions as soon as I set the coffee down.

“Who’s the hot guy?”

“How old is he?”

“Did you get his number?”

I hold a palm and they stop immediately.  “His name is Malachi.  He just moved here.  He’s British.  He’s a senior.  And he’ll be starting at WP on Monday,” I smirk, sit and take a sip of my Pumpkin Spice Latte.  “And yes, I’ve got his number.  Now back to costume planning…”

The Block Estate – Massie’s Bedroom

October 12th, 2013

10:31 PM

“Ehmagawd Bean, he’s so cute!  And he said he’d call me!” I giggle and bounce on the bed in my pajamas.  I wore a black silk babydoll that ended at the top of my thigh, matching boyshorts underneath, and my hair was in a tight french braid, so it’d be wavy in the morning.  I pecked Bean on the tip of her head and said, “Maybe you’ll get to meet him someday.”  I smiled at the thought and went to bed, dreaming of the costume designs.

What do you think the costumes’ll be? Comment your guesses!  Once someone gets it, a new post’ll be up!





Hello Again. Friend of a Friend. I Knew You When..

The Block Estate

October 6, 2013

2:53 PM

“How would I look with a weave?” Claire asked, examining her shoulder-length light blonde hair in my vanity mirror.

“Like Acacia Brinley if she stayed blonde.  All you’d need was to was draw on your eyebrows,” I answered, not looking up from the issue of Seventeen I was flipping through.

She let out a small laugh and scooped up Bitsy, my small white kitten, before settling back on my bed, petting the cat.  Bitsy let out a small squeak of a “meow” and escaped from Claire’s arms, scurrying across the room, into my walk-in closet to hide.  She’s such a shy little thing.

“Ehmagawd, I can’t get over how adorbs your phone case is,” she exclaimed, picking up the plush teddy bear than my iPhone 5 was in.  I smirked, noticing the envy in her voice.  It was the envy of every girl in our grade (and even a few of the upperclassmen) at WP.  I wasn’t particularly fond of it, but I used it because: One, it was a gift from EC.  Two, it saved my phone whenever I’d dropped it. And three, no one else had one.

“I know right,” I said, taking the bear from her slightly sweaty palms.  I unlocked it, turn the music off, and walk into the closet.  I call out to Claire, “I want you to rate this new outfit EC sent to wear to school tomorrow.”  I hear her call back, “Kay kay!”

I change quickly, snap a mirror selfie, and send it to Leesh, Dyl, and Kristen before walking out to Claire. “Kay Kuh-laire, you know the deal, one through ten.  Rate me.”


She studied the outfit and decided on, “Hm, nine point seven.”

I smiles and look into the mirror.  If my hair was curled and had on the right makeup, I’d easily be a ten.  My phone beeps three times. A rating from each girl.

Alicia: 9.4

Dylan: 9.6

Kristen: 9.4

I smile contently and walk back into the closet.  I come out wearing the unbuttoned light tan cardigan, white bow blouse, chocolate brown faux leather skater skirt, black opaque thigh-highs, and chocolate brown pumps I was before.  I take the gold charm bracelet off the holder and slip it on my thin wrist. the charms clink together, making little ping sounds as I stride back out into the nearly-all-white bedroom.

Claire is now on the iPad Mini I got her for her birthday two months ago.  No doubt she’s playing Candy Crush Saga.  We’re all addicted to it right now.  I sit back on my previous spot on the bed, break a small piece off my half-eaten Luna Bar on my nightstand, and pop it in my mouth. “Hey C, we should probably finnish the assignment in Ms. Hanning’s class,” I say.  She nods, turns off her game, and sits next to me.  I open my MacBook Pro to the essay we’d been working on and we begin working.

 The Block Estate – Massie’s Bedroom

October 6, 2013

10:29 PM

I use a Q-Tip to get any makeup off my face as I get ready for bed.  My long light brown hair cascades down to the small of my back.  I think about what I ever saw in DJ.  Besides his shaggy hair that wasn’t too shaggy that he needed a haircut.  Bieber pre-cut. And his dreamy eyes that flickered when he was happy.  I roll my eyes and push the thoughts from my head.  I take out my contacts and giggle softly at how the amber eyes looked paired with my light-brown-nearly-blonde locks.  Out of place.  My natural eye shade paired perfectly with my natural chestnut hair.

I shrug and straighten out the the lacy black babydoll top and matching  boyshorts.  I walk back to my bed and slip under the mauve duvet.  I get snuggled in next to Bitsy while Bean and Bugaboo are both curled up in their doggie beds.  I then take the small white remote from my nightstand and press a button to turn off the lights.

I’m super sorry for going away for so long.  I wanted time to work on my writing skills and to rejuvenate. I did feel guilty every time I opened one of the Clique books to read a bit (which turned out being reading the whole book in one sitting).  So I decided to come back.  If you noticed, I gave the blog a little makeover.

I still ah-dore you guys. xx


I’m Back. Officially Darlings.

Hello Loves.  Glad to see me?  I’m enchanted to see you right now.

I’m sorry for poofing.

I ah-dore all of you.

I’ve just been so busy.  It’s been hectic in this Massie’s world for the past few weeks.  But now she’s pinky swearing she’ll be here.

So for spring break, I escaped to Hawaii.  I am now sitting in the Block’s Private Jet, my makeup-free eyes drooping as I type on my MacBook Air with one hand and hold my caramel macchiato in the other.  Bean sleeps on the seat beside me.  She’s slightly snoring.  It’s the only sound to be heard on the plane.

Placing the coffee in the cup holder and the MacBook on my lap, I slip my purple Beats by Dre Headphones over my ears and press play on my iPod Touch .

U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran stars playing.

And I don’t get waves of missing you anymore.  They’re more like tsunami tides in my eyes.

I blink away tears as DJ pops into my mind.  We’d broken up exactly ten days ago.  He started to say we could still be friends but I hung up and threw my phone across the room before he could finish saying “can.”

After about ten minutes, I’d cooled down after crying hot tears into my pillow and ruining my bed, and had went to see my poor phone.  The screen was shattered and I had to buy a new one.

Lately I’d been stepping away from the Kawaii vibe of Envious and modeling for their newer lines of slightly sexier clothes.  Nothing revealing, but its much more mature than the dolly, cutsie stuff they’d been having me wear.  The best part?  The ads for them will be all over NYC.  DJ can see exactly what he’s missing.

I feel my glossed lips form a sly smile as I remember The Opening of a new EC store in NYC next week and how Ah-mazing the dress I’ll be wearing to it looks.

I take a walk around to stretch a bit.  I Knew You Were Trouble starts playing and I sing along, doing pretty good if I do say so myself.

I end my mini performance with a fierce look into the full-length mirror.

Ehmagawd, almost to 4,000 views and 100 followers?  Thank you Massie-chists!