OOTD 3•22•13

OOTD 3•22•13


Happy 15th Birthday Babe!

March 11th.  This may seem like a normal date, but it’s a very special day to me.  Today is DJ’s birthday.  The day my dear boyfriend of four months turns fifteen.

My right hand’s manicured fingertips glide over the keyboard as my right hand holds my iPhone 5 to my ear as he’s on the line.

“Have you ever tried french fries with Nutella on them?”  He asked sleepily, as it’s almost two.  We’ve been talking since nine o’clock and I was meaning to type this when he called and everything just seemed to slip away as our conversation grew.

“Um, no.. Maybe next time one of us visits we can have it together,”  I say, taking a break from typing to twirl a lock of hair around my finger.

“It’s a deal.  By the way, I’ll be sending your St. Patrick’s Day present soon,”  I can tell he’s smiling by his voice.

“Yours will be coming soon too.  I think you spoil me too much,”  I say teasingly with a sly smile on my lips.

“Oh, but you love being spoiled!”  He teases back.

“Well ya got me there,”  I giggle.

“Mass, I’ve gotta go, talk to you tomorrow.  Mwah.”  He says tiredly.

“Kay, mwah.”  I say back before we hang up.

I’ve just realized how tired I am after I place the phone on my desk.  Taking one last look at the Massiequin, I decide something is awf.  I hurry into the jewelry section of my second walk-in closet and lift a jeweled bracelet with my fingertips (at first).  After examining it, I walk to the mannequin and slip it on the thin porcelain wrist.

Laying down in my bed, I can see the bracelet gleaming in the moonlight as a receive two texts.

DJ: Goodnight<3

Massie: G’night Love ❤

Unknown:  Massie Block, you and your friends are in for a surprise tomorrow.

I ignore the second one but don’t delete it.  I want to show it to the girls tomorrow.

Thank you for getting me halfway through 3k!  I ah-dore each and every one of you!

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