I let my hair air-dry after my shower and apply Peaches and Cream Glossip Girl.

“Catching Feelings” by Justin Bieber starts playing, my ringtone for DJ.

“Hey DJ,” I say with a bright smile on my face. A loud cough is on the other end.

“I’m so sorry Mass, I can’t make it to Westchester today.  My cold is worse,” his nose is stuffed and his voice sounds like he has a sore thoat.

“Ehmagawd, you sound terrible!  Go and get some sleep babe,” I softly say.

“Okay, mwah,” he says.

“Mwah,” I say softly back to him, hanging up.

Claire: Mass, I’m so sorry! plz forgive me!

I delete the latest Kuh-laire apology text.  She’s been texting me all morning begging for forgiviness.  I’ve just been ignoring her.

Derrington: Hey Block, long time to see.  I just got back from boarding school.  Hosting a party tomorrow.  You guys coming?

I roll my eyes but reply we’ll be there then I toss my phone onto my bed.

I check the clock above my desk, 4:08.  I have one hour and 52 minutes to get ready for Skye’s party.

I’m sorry to Dyl, who wanted the outfit so bad, but I’m wearing the outfit Taylor Swift did on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

I carefully apply my eyeliner, resisting the urge to dance to “Guitar String/Wedding Ring” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

I lightly curl the ends of my hair and apply red lipstick then Glossip Girl over it.

At 5:50 Isaac drives me to Skye’s house.


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