Now In Paris

I stare at the screen, checking my messages.
” No iPads at the table ” says Alicia, mimicking a mother.
I laugh and throw a blueberry.
It hits her awn the nose and everyone laughs.
We then get back to eating.
With my iPad 3 still in hand, I eat my turkey bacon, egg whites, blueberries, and sip awn my orange juice afterwards.

I pick up my dishes and place them by the sink where the maid can clean them when we leave.
I put food and water in two china dog bowls for Bean, call her, and leave to let her eat.

I freshen up and walk into the closet.
I look at one of the shelves marked ” Massie ” and pick the perfect shoes to match my outfit today.*

I then go to the couch and wait with the rest of the PC to go out into Paris.





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